Friday, August 13, 2004


I am a retired Master Sergeant, and First Sergeant. I can recognize a bulls**t story from three blocks away.

Now John Kerry may have just told us a war story. Since he claims it was classified, it is going to hard to disprove the story.

Here is a scenerio: I was setting in the bar over at the Officer's club somewhere in Southeast Asia, when a bullsh*t artist was telling his war story. Since he had bought me a beer, I was obliged to listen to his story. Seems he was ordered by the President to make three secret missions into Cambodia.. " There I was boys, being shot at from everyside...I'll tell you, I like to have died..I wish I could tell you more, but it is classified...". "When was this?" a young and gullible LT asked. "It was Christmas 1968 and President Nixon was president", the story teller said. "But..But..President Nixon was not president then", said the Gullible, but not stupid, LT said. "Don't challenge me, boy", the blowhard said", it is SEARED,SEARED in my memory.

After a few more drinks, the Bulsh*t artist said to me, quietly, "Pal, that LT was right, but I will tell you, if you don't tell anybody else, it was January 1969 and I went on three classified missions, but I can't, of course, tell you about it". I thought to myself, "you can't prove it and I can not disprove it". "Thanks for the beer, LT Kerry," I said, sliding off the bar stool.

I decided to leave this bar and find another one where some other blowhard could by me a beer and tell me a war story I could actually believe.

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