Sunday, August 15, 2004

How to rid ourselves of democrats

I am remembering a particular narrative written by the imcomparible James H. Michener in his novel "Centennial". I will paraphrase what happened:

[It seems that in one particuar county near Denver in late 1800's, there were only five democrats in the county. They were close friends and accompanied each other everywhere. The democrats contracted with a hunter/guide named "Alford" to take them on a hunting expedition.

While they were in the mountains, a terrible blizzard occurred, followed by a terribly cold winter and the hunting party were all trapped for months in the mountains.

After the spring thaw, "Alford" came down from the mountains fat, contented and picking his teeth, and none of the democrats were ever found. The town pieced together the facts and arrested "Alford" for murder and cannobalism.

During his trial the judge said to "Alford" : "Dammit, Alford, there were only five democrats in the whole county and you ate them all."

The jury, all Republicans, aquitted "Alford" because he had performed a great public service to the county]

Lo, would it ever be so, even now...

New Republican Motto: "I like democrats, they taste just like chicken"

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