Monday, August 16, 2004


You heard it here first!!!

Did John Kerry actually think that all Vietnam Era Veterans (Those of us that served from 1961 to 1974) would simply sit by and watch him nuance his way to the White House after his service? Let us not forget that he may have been the chief architect of the wimpout from Vietnam, possibly even more than "Hanoi Jane Fonda".

Did he and his operatives not know that his false testimony against us was available on tape and would be played out again on C-SPAN? Did he think that we had forgotten his treasonous activity with the Vietnam Veterans Against the War?

Did he not know that there are taped and transcript recordings of how John O'niell humiliated him on behalf of all veterans on the Dick Cavett Show?

How could the democrats not know the extreme hatred of this man by the Veterans of this Country? How could he not know that we watch C-SPAN, read papersa and watch the news? Did he think we do not know how many times he voted against weapon system, pay raises, and any other bill which helped the military?

Veterans vote in large numbers and I am willing to bet will join the vocal organizations which are suddenly popping up all over the place and that they will vote against John Kerry in November? Did he not know that we will try our best to make sure our family and friends vote against him?

Does he and the democrats think that his allies, the news media, could bury his past? Did they not know, or did they just underestimate the power, the power of he internet, specifically bloggers.

We have long memories, Mr. Kerry. You would have done well to remember that. The damage is done and you will most likely pay the price. True heroes keep their mouth shut. We veterans know who true heroes are and most of us don't consider you one.

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