Friday, September 03, 2004

Bush has double digit lead

As I have posted here before, the credit for this is due mainly to the Swiftvets For Truth ads.

What the Swifties did will go down in history as the best-timed attack on a candidate, ever.

Let's consider: The first ad was almost immediately after the Democratic Convention. The convention ended on the second of August. The first ad was splashed all over the internet and cable news shows on the 6th of August. At the very time when Kerry should have been all over the place pounding his chest, he was forced to go dark for about three weeks. No news conferences, no tv coverages, no photo-ops. Refer to the picture of him alone, on a non-windy day in Nantucket, trying to catch some good air.

He hid until after the Republican convention started and then attended an American Legion event in Nashville, where he recieved a luke-warm reception, at best.

The second and and third ads continued to pound Kerry, the second was on his ant-war stance after Vietnam and his subsequent testimony, and the third was again on his conduct while in Vietnam.

The fourth ad, released during the Republican Convention, used his own words against him from that same vietnam testimony and kept him and his pit-bulldogs on a leash.

The important point this article is alluding to is that, the Swifvets (joined by plenty of other veterans such as myself) kept Kerry from building any kind of lead to buffer himself from a big bounce for President Bush. Now the president, who is getting a huge bounce, is sporting a double-digit lead and he has the Swiftvets to thank for it. Of course, he cannot do this, since he had nothing to do with the ads.

Credit may never fully be given to the Swiftvets for their service to the country, however, everyone needs to doff their caps to them.

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