Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Clause, and occasionally I may even believe an article in"National Enquirer", but I do not believe the Kerry Apologists such as Joe Lockhart had "just a casual conversation" with Mr. Burkett.

One would have to believe that the earth is flat to accept his explanation of what Lockhart's role in the Rathergate scandal. There are too many coincidences of the Kerry campaign launching ads and talking points at the same time to believe there was no coordination between Kerry and CBS.

Conservatives have long known that most of the Major News Media, specifically, CBS has a blatantly liberal bias. I quit watching any news program on any of the alphabet channels years ago because of this, and am personally gladdened to the heart to watch Dan Rather and CBS squirm.

I do not accept Rather's weak apology any more than I accepted Jane Fonda's. I will believe he is sorry when follows his opology with actions, such as having John O'niel (Swiftvets for Truth) on 60 minutes and let him talk for one hour with no interruption.

There is no excuse for the obvious collusion between the producer of 60 minutes and the Kerry campaign and they deserve any and all criticism that comes their way.

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