Thursday, September 30, 2004

INDC has good article and post about debates

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Good article from Beldar

Good read on the debates

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Debate: Kerry did not win over the new Bush Democrats

Most polls show 9 to 15% of democrats currently favor President Bush. Senator Kerry had to win them over but failed to do so, no matter what the media spin on the minutae is.

The reason he did not is because of two very important mistakes:

1. President Bush pinned him to the wall on the "Global situations", which Kerry said whether or not he would start preemtive action. The President immediately kicked him in the shins by asking "What does the Senator mean by "Global situations", then when on to say he would protect America first and not worry about the rest of the world liked us or not.

2. The second mistake, and this may be greater: Kerry said we were wrong to be building Nuclear Bunker Buster bombs and he would immediately put a stop to it. Americans want us to have the newest and best weapons. This is his largest blunder.

After all the news media crowns Mr. Kerry, these two points will be salient.

The 9 to 15% of democrats have probably made up their mind to stick with the President and will not pay attention to the other debates.

Kerry just crapped in his messkit (We should not be building Bunker Buster Bombs)

He thinks we should not protect ourselves.

Election basically over at this point

Dan Rather Resigns from CBS, Says He Received E-Mail from a person in Addus Abbaba offering to share millions to be depositied in his bank account

Dateline: New York (RP) 30 Sept, 2004

Dan Rather resigned from CBS this morning. He reportedly told the Executive President of CBS News that he had recieved a wonderful bonanza through an e-mail from a deceased General's daughter who had no bank account to place the 100 billion dollars her father had left her and she had to get it out of the country fast.

Dan received this urgent message this morning, and being a firm believer in the truthfullness of all e-mails, has already supplied all necessary information to the girl, Fatmema Nasser. He said, "I was dubious until I received signed faxes from her. I had my documents experts look at them and declare them as genuine."

Mr. Rather was recently embroiled in news show controversies of fake e-mail about the re-institution of the military draft and some documents from Kinko's in Abilene. "By the way, those documents from the Ethiopean girl were from the same place. What a coincidence." said Mr. Rather

Mr. Rather says he plans to write a book about truthfullness of all correspondence recieved from all sources. "You should use those documents in your news-casts, even if no one else believes them." It is also reported that he as been visited by UFO's recently and plans to publish all the information about them in the "National Enquirer"

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