Thursday, October 14, 2004


I have known since 1972 that the broadcast and print media lean liberal. I did not know, however, until this election cycle, just how far they were able to bend over to get one of "theirs" elected.

They are not even trying to hide their bias anymore. I suppose that is good, because we can now judge their shoddy product for what it is: biased and sloppy journalism. I must confess that I quit watching the news on the big three and CNN about 15 years ago, but I know how they have skewered the news to fit their agenda. By only reporting what they want you to see, they have control over the news.

Consider the lack of news about the Afganistan elections. Unless one watched FOX news, one would never know what a fabulous thing happened there this past week. Not only were the elections a success, the promised violence never happened. Since it was a success, the mainstream media decided to ignore it.

Equally appalling is the lack of reporting on the Australian election. Mr. Howard is a major friend and ally of President Bush. This was a great victory for him, however, since it is good news for President Bush, the media chose to ignore it.

Thank God for Rush, Sean, G Gordon, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, FOX news, and the internet (especially bloggers) . Without their steady voices John Kerry would be up by 20 points in this election.

We all owe them a debt for their faithful and dedicated service to our country.

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