Friday, October 15, 2004

symposium submission: Kerry's gaffe by mentioning Mary Cheney

When John Kerry made a calculated decision to mention Vice-President Cheney's daughter while trying to explain his position on gay marriage, he sat off a time bomb that is just now beginning to explode. Even worse was the Elizabeth Edwards caustic remark about Lynne Cheney. These are classless remarks which do nothing to help, but does much to hurt their campaign.

It takes about four days for a campaign debate mistake to show up in the polls. Most thinking parents have been, or soon will be, appalled by his calculated statement about the Cheney's daughter. Any swing voter who was not turned off by Kerry is, either never going to vote for President Bush, or is not interested enough to vote at all. The polls have already showed that the President has started to pull away again.

Kerry and the democrats proved by the electorate that they will do anything, say anything to get a vote. John Kerry not only damaged himself with this comment, but has caused the democratic apologists to spend time trying to explain it. As we saw with the swiftvet controversy, the democrats cannot gain traction while explaining what John Kerry says or thinks.

I predict that Kerry's gaffe will go down in history as one of those "remembered moments" that will be talked about for a long time. Look for the polls to widen over the weekend, although the Major News Media will try to bury Kerry's and Mrs. Edwards remarks. Bloggers will keep this alive long enough for every American to know about it.

Jackass, the perfect symbol of the Democratic Party

When the Dems selected the Jackass, they selected the symbol which most closely identifies their party. They have been behaving exactly like an ass since the 2000 elections, and it is getting worse.

Consider their head jackass, John Kerry. On wednesday, Mr. Kerry used the name of Dick Cheney's daughter when trying to illustrated the difficulties Gay people face in their quest for equality. John could have used a thousand gay democrats he knows to be gay to highlight his opinion of the gay marriage questions, but chose to make an ass of himself by outing the Cheney's daughter. Even worse, the wife of his running mate, Elizabeth Edward made the most crass remark ever heard by a spouse of a candidate when she accused Lynne Cheney of being ashamed of her daughter. Bloggers will not let these actions go unpaid. This will not go away!!

Following their lead, the Democratic National Committee published a book for their followers on how to claim voter intimidation, even when there is none. Talk about Braying!!!

Even worse, the democrats in Dyersburg, Tennessee published a poster making fun of retarded people, saying that a vote for Bush makes the voters retarded.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Do the Democrats have no shame? Apparently not.

Pity the poor Jackass. He is not deserving of the shame hung on him by the democrats. Out of respect for the Jackass, their symbol should be shortened to just "ass"

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