Monday, October 18, 2004

Symposium: Why vote for President Bush and Not for John Kerry

Why you should vote for President Bush and Not Senator Kerry

Why vote for President Bush:

President Bush is an honest man who truly believes in his soul that America must remain the strongest military power in the world, and he is willing to use the military to defeat the war on terrorism. President Bush clearly states what he will do and then does it. President Bush trusts the American people and believes that, we as a nation, want to spread freedom throughout the world. He has proven himself time and again that he is a principled leader who does not waver in the face of adversity and does not change his position when the going gets tough. He is anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion and anti-tax increases. In his heart of hearts, he is a christian conservative who lives his values and beliefs on a daily basis. With President Bush, what you see is what you get.

Why you should not vote for John Kerry

Mr. Kerry says whatever he thinks will win a vote, the do something else entirely. He is a truly is a North-Eastern liberal who thinks that America's military might should be subject to the whim of the United Nations. Mr. Kerry loves the world, especially those who oppose America, and will turn over our soveriegnty to any world power who does not agree with the policies of this country. In his heart of hearts, he truly distrusts the American sytstem of government, especially the military. He has been betraying the troops since 1971 and will continue to do so. He will say anything, do anything, to get elected, but has no core values. His senate record is abyssmal, accomplishing almost nothing in twenty years. He has taken both sides of almost every issue except those favoring his communist friends.

President Bush is clearly the only choice on November second. There really is no alternative.

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