Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Three things Republican accomplished in yesterday's election

The Republicans (and the American people) accomplished three very important things on November 2, 2004:

1. A working Republican majority in both the House and the Senate. While the republicans do not have a bullet proof senate that can kill any democratic filibuster, they have enough decent democrats who will vote with them on many issues. The disgusting democratic filibuster of judicial nominees can now probably be broken, allowing President Bush to place three or four Supreme Court Justices, especially since the chief architect of the filibusters, Tom Daschle, has been thrown out of office. The extremely partisan members of the Senate Judiciary committee has been reduced to four: Hillary, Shumer, Leahy, and the stork with the glasses. Harry Reid does not have the clout to control the rest.

2. The total reduction of importance and influence with the American Public. The news media has been exposed for exactly what they are, Liberal Partisans. The media openly showed their colors by reporting only positive information for John Kerry, while reportingly all negative things they could find (or make up) on President Bush. However, they were quickly refuted by the bloggers. Just a slight few examples of influence accomplished by bloggers: forced the Media to mention the Swiftboat Veterans (Even though most was negative, the message got out); the forged CBS documents; supposedly missing explosives; and most important: The immediate debunking of the false and skewed exit polls early on during the election. The American public has witnessed all the dirty tricks played by the Major News Media to get Kerry elected, and should judged harshly.

3. The destruction of the Democratic Party as we currently know. The Democratic party is about to experience a blood bath. They have consistantly made the wrong choices, with the exception of Bill Clinton, since 1980. The party must decide whether they are party of the left wing nuts, or the party of the working man. If, as I suspect, they will move even farther left, they will soon be relegated to a party of non-importance. By doing so, they will have become irrelavent for the next few decades, if not forever. Good Riddance.

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