Wednesday, December 29, 2004

"money given to the United Nations"

The latest insult from the United Nations is their representative complaining that the United States is not doing enough to provide aid to the victims of the recent Tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

I am reminded of what happened in Witchita Falls, Texas in the early sixties. Now, Witchita Falls is a thriving city in Northeast Texas. It thrives because of two factors: Oil reserves and close proximity of Sheppard Air Force Base. Sheppard is the largest technical training center in the world, and, as such, provides plenty of dollars to the local community. The citizens of that city required, every now and then, a reminder of just how important the base was to them, because the old "dogs and airmen keep off the grass" attitude would occasionally erupt among the local denizens of the community.

The base commander of Sheppard in 1962 became fed up with the way his airmen were being treated by the good folks in Witchita Falls and came up with a brilliant idea. Most of the airmen would cash their checks at the Finance Center on payday. On several such payouts, they were paid exclusively in two dollar bills. These same two dollar bills began showing up in large numbers in banks, churches, bars, restaurants, hotels, motels, used car lots, lending establishments, and thousands of other businesses in around Wichita Falls. It didn't take long for the local citizens to realize just how important the base was to them and, as a consequence, to start treating the airman stationed much better.

This was what the military called an "attitude Adjustment"

Here is a suggestion. Pay all moneys to the United Nations in two dollar bills, or better yet, in the two "politically correct" dollar coins which our citizens do not want. Handle all transactions in cash and require that all moneys paid out by the UN (or any foreign countries receiving aid from the American Taxpayer) be in the form of the two dollar bills or the dollar coins.

I have a distinct feeling that the citizens of the world will have their own "attitude adjustment" toward the United States once they are made to realize that the United Nations is just about wholly funded by the United States.

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