Sunday, February 06, 2005

The end of the Democratic Party

This article by Noemie Emery published by the Weekly Standard The Dems' Week from Hell, is profound in it's accuracy and foresight.

We who served in the military had a term for someone who really screwed up: "He crapped in his own messkit". For those of you who did not serve in the military, a messkit is something you have to eat out of while in the field for long periods of time.

The Democrats have made it a veritable daily habit of fouling their own messkit. I am amazed at the utter stupidity of the party leaders. It appears that they are bent on their own destruction, even more rapid than one could have conceived, from the Iraq war to Social Security, with stops at the Senate hearings on Condi Rice and Alberto Gonzales...

Now comes word that they probably will select Howard Dean to head their party. Are they crazy? The Democrats have listened to discussions only among themselves for so long that they truly believe all the pap they have been trying to feed the American Public. The public has long since quit believing their self serving actions and have turned to the Republican Party for true leadership on almost every issue facing the country.

The party has now begun a siesmic shift to the left and are blindly leading themselves off the cliff to destruction, as outlined in this excellent article. New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Michael Goodwin: Dean 'The Scream' is Dem gravedigger

As of this date, we can begin the countdown to the day that the Democratic Party is relegated to the third party, or even worse, no party at all.

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