Tuesday, May 10, 2005


President Bush has really done it now. Not only has he pointed out that the "perfect tax": Social Security, was not really all that perfect, but has really, really pissed off the libs. His remarks this week in "new Europe" about the failings of the allies, and specifically, President Roosevelt, at Yalta are particularly galling. Now you've really done it, Bub. They are really, really, really mad now.

It so happens that the architect of both these horrible truths was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the living God of the true liberal religion. The liberal media has gone to extreme pains to insure that all history involving their "living God" is subject to their suppression of any truths about him which would tarnish his image.

Liberal Democrats have only had one president in the past 100 years they are proud of, and, of course, it is Roosevelt. They should be proud of Harry Truman, but since he was more conservative than most Republicans are today, they cannot honor him. They continue to try to revise history to destroy the idea (and fact) that Jimmy Carter was the worst president in the history of the republic. Even though John Kennedy has been elevated to Sainthood, he would not even be allowed to speak at the last few democratic conventions, because he, too, was a conservative. Lyndon Johnson? No comment required. Bill Clinton? Pulleeease!!!, we are trying to have a serious discussion here.

President Roosevelt devised a perfect tax on the public, social security, and the Democrats have lived off it for 65 years. Why was it perfect?, you ask. It took money from the citizens and gave it to the government with almost no risk of ever having to give much of it back. After all, the payout to the citizens didn't' start until it was past the longevity years. When the government finally had a large enough stash of cash in the reserve, it was stolen to fund the Great Society and all other liberal causes since the sixties. Unfortunately, President Bush is pointing out the tax was not so perfect, after all. The longevity of the American public has long since stretched past age 65. Now it is time to pay the fiddler, and it is becoming common knowledge. It is galling to liberals that President Bush is taking potshots at the perfect tax, and it's creator, daily. This has them really mad; angry; fighting mad, even.

But the straw that breaks the camel's back just happened this week. Roosevelt's war record has been the one truth which could never be refuted, until this week, that is.
President Bush, correctly, pointed out that the Yalta Conference was flawed and led to a half century of horrible existence to Eastern Europe. At the time of the conference on the closing days of WWII, Roosevelt was so weak from illness that he allowed his cabinet, mostly socialists and communist sympathizers, to dictate his actions. (Gasp, what next? Could McCarthy have been right?). The result was the carving up of Europe and a gift to the largest mass murderer in history, Joseph Stalin. Roosevelt even wanted to give Stalin Turkey, but Churchill would not allow it. A Russia with access to the Mediterranean may have changed history for the worse.

Of course, President Bush must be destroyed by the liberal media, who have carefully crafted history to protect any harm to their "god" and their "religion". It has already started with newspaper articles, Chris Matthews, and other liberal mouthpieces. Trust me, it will get much worse. The viability of the Liberal Democrats and their religion is at stake, and must be stopped.

You heard it here first. They will not succeed. Oh, there will be a great lamenting and much gnashing of teeth, but there are now too many sources of news and real history for them to continue their subterfuge. The religion of the left has been exposed and it headed for the trash bin, just as communism was dispatched. You are watching the destruction of the Democratic Party. Their underpinnings are being knocked from underneath them, and it is about time!!!!

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