Thursday, May 19, 2005

Media lies about the filibuster

Today on ABC website ABC News: Primer: Judicial Nominees and the Filibuster had two egregious errors. It originally said that Republican Strom Thurman filibustered the civil rights act. Fact: Sen. Thurman was a democrat at the time. Even worse it was used as an example of how the minority party used the filibuster to block the civil rights act. Wrong once again. Fact: The democrats filibustered the civil rights act and they were in the Majority.

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More thoughts on this subject. The biggest Lib on MSNBC, Chris Matthews has said repeatedly in the last two days that the democrats are not going to get an agreement on anything until the define what "Extreme" is. He has also said that the Democrats started this fight. Who would thought I would ever agree with him on anything. Conversely, one of my favorites on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough seems to be siding with the Dems. He stated a couple of nights ago that this fight is only about abortion. He should have said that abortion on the Democrats side is solely about abortion. He should, but, does not seem to remember that to the Republicans it is about abortion, also, but, much, much more. "In god we trust", Pledge of allegiance, Gay marriage are just a few of the things the Republican Party is incensed about, not just abortion.

Two more thoughts about media lies: The two biggest lies told by the liberal media are: 1. We are losing the Vietnam War, when we were not. 2. The democrats were the civil rights party, when actually it was the republicans who supported the civil rights legislation.

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