Monday, June 20, 2005

NEW DEMOCRAT PARTY MANTRA: WE HEART TERRORISTS. How the Democratic party have morphed from the Abortion Party to the Terrorist Party

Abortion Party? Fuggetaboutit. Old name. History. The Democrats still admire abortionists, but they love terrorists. Their newest hero: Dick Durbin.

One thing is perfectly clear. Dick Durbin was not misunderstood. His speech on the senate floor was a well orchestrated expression of what the Democrats truly believe: America is the world's evil and the terrorists are only trying to express themselves as the world guardian against George Bush, Republicans, and Christians.

Gitmo is only the latest furor in the Democrats War against America. The past heroes of the America hating left were Stalin, Ho-Chi-min, Mao, and yes, Pol Pot. Now comes Dick Durbin. Any attempt to Censure this fool will be met with great gnashing of teeth from all the party's mouthpieces. He will be treated like a god by Hollywood. Senator McCarthy will be raised from the grave and all his wrath will be directed toward Durbin. If he is expelled from the Senate, or tried for treason, he will become the new Rosenbergs. Republicans will be excoriated, crucified, mocked and painted as tyrants. History will be carefully written to show Durbin as a hero.

All this will be played out in the media in the next few weeks. It will be a lot of fun to watch the Democrats defend Durbin, much the same as they defended Bill Clinton, even as their party fall off the edge of the cliff toward irrevelance and eventually, oblivion.

By the way. When I spell checked this article, one of Netscape suggestions to replace Durbin was Turban. Isn't that ironic??

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