Thursday, September 21, 2006


After yesterday and this morning's comments by the Iranian President and Hugo Chavez to The United Nations and the American Public, the President of the United States has the opportunity to gove the perfect speech to the American People. The speech should be as follows:

Ladies and Gentelmen, I have just signed an executive order which states that the United States of America hereby is withdrawn from the United Nations.

In accordance with this new law, all representatives of the United Nations, their foreign employees and families have thirty days to vacate the country. Any of the aforementioned folks who are still in the country after that date will be arrested as illegal aliens.

Thank you and may God continue to bless our Country.
From poster John Doe on Polipundit:

How about this one RP?

“My fellow Americans. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve signed legislation outlawing the United Nations. We begin bombing in five minutes.”

US President Tim Kalemkarian, US Senate Tim Kalemkarian, US House Tim Kalemkarian: best major candidate.
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