Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Lest we forget.

Why did the Democrats go to the wall with a futile attempt of overturning the election of 2000?
The right to name supreme court justices, of course. Why else would losers like Al Gore and the Florida Supreme Court push their preferences to the limit and force the supreme court to rule 7-2 in favor of return a defective judgement back to the Florida Supreme Court? Yes, that's right, 7-2. The news media has rewritten history to clammer and yell about a 5-4 ruling. The 5-4 ruling was to finally stop the nonsense and halt the whole process and allow Florida to cast their votes for President Bush, bypassing the Florida Supreme Court because of the time constraints for deciding the presidency.

Why put the country through the agony of November and December of 2000? The right to name Supreme Court justices, of course. The Democrats recognized that their agenda will never be approved at the voting booth. For 30 years, the legislative process had been hijacked by the liberals by getting their judges on the courts who would rule in their favor. The Democrats knew that the vote of Judge Roberts, Alito and possibly one other would come during the next four to eight years. They also knew that their chances were extremely slim of controlling the Senate during this period. They proved to be correct with the exception of another hijacking: Jumping Jim Jeffords defection which gave them Senate control for about 10 months.

The Democrats worst nightmare is playing out before their own eyes even as we speak.

Why are the Democrats employing every concievable or even inconcievable means to delay this vote even one day or one hour, hoping that something will save them from this awful fate? The right to name Supreme Court Justices, of course. Alas, for them, Judgement day is here, no pun intended. The 2000 election will finally be over late this week or early next week. Democrats will have then conceded this horrible truth. All is lost! All is lost!

Thank God!!! It is time .

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