Monday, February 06, 2006


I am both amazed and disgusted by the Democrats questioning of Attorney General Gonzales taking place today on C-SPAN concerning NSA surviellance.

I am amazed how politically stupid they are by even questioning whether or not President Bush should be using electronic intelligence to eavesdrop on suspected Al-Queada operatives. The American public has long since decided that eavesdropping on terrorists is not only expected, it is demanded. The American public has never been kind to a party who obstructs, or even appears to obstruct the gathering of intelligence on our enemies. The American public has consistently punished any party who is anti-intelligence gathering and anti-war. Example: 1972. Even though the public did not back the Vietnam war, they severely punished the Mcgovernite Democratic Party in the presidential Election of 1972.

What part of the landslide defeat of Democrats in 1972 do today's Democrats not understand? Joe Sixpack pays attention when national security is the question and consistently punishes those who are not strong on national defense. This is true because , ultimately, it is the Joe Sixpacks who do the fighting and dieing for this country, or, more importantly, has to convince the other guy to fight and die for his country. Joe Sixpack tends to vote more often when our national security is in question.

Even as we watch today's hearing of whether or not we should be spying on our enemies, the whole of the middle east is on fire from rioting Arabs who hate us and what we stand for: free speech.

It appears the Democrats hate President Bush and Conservatives so much that they will destroy the party while trying to hurt President Bush politically. This is the true picture of a party painting themselves into a corner.

I am amazed that they cannot see this and am disgusted because the country needs to have a loyal opposition, not a disloyal foe to our national security.

The post 9/11 Democrat Party is a square peg trying to fit itself into a round hole. The further they move to the left, the harder it becomes to fit itself to the mood of the electorate. The party is rapidly relegating itself to one of a third party status. The left have captured the party, leaving those of their electorate who want a strong national defense no choice but to leave the party. The party will soon split between the leftist and even moderates who can no longer stomach the party's commitment to the loonie left. Any split of the democrats further weakens the party. It will probably take a complete generation for the democrats to become a viable party again, if it ever does.

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