Thursday, March 23, 2006


This morning the news is all abuzz about the three "peace activists" who were rescued by our brave Coalition Forces, American and British.

Go to their webpage Christian Peacemaker Teams: committed to reducing violence by "Getting in the way."

If you have not puked by now, then you have become so complacent that you no longer care.

The "so-called" peace activists do not thank their brave rescuers but claim they were "released".

Make no mistake about these jerks who were rescued. They are not anti-war, but, in the words of Christopher Hitchens, they are anti-ourside. They are in Iraq to do harm to our mission and our country.

Not only did they not thank our brave Coalition Forces, but instead, blamed our soldiers for getting them to be hijacked to start with. What Ingrates. What idiots.

I do not usually post opionions on this page with profanity, but, you will excuse me if I call these "peace activists" for what they are: ASSHOLES

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