Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Democrats: don't start partying until the game is over

The much published breakup of the Republican Party by the democrat party is a bit premature.

There have been schisms by the score. The one that agrieves most me is the breakup of Polipundit, with Lorie Byrd and DJ Drummond no longer publishing on that site because of the illegal immigration issue. Seems they disagreed with Polipundit, who has become shrill and strident over this problem.

Polipundit was my favorite site because if allowed differences of opinion, both among the guest posters, such as Ms. Byrd and Mr. Drummond, and the commenters to the articles. Until the illegal immigration issue reared it's ugly head, this was a fun site and many regular posters there respected each other and were able to disagree with civility. That is no longer the case. Many friends were at each other's throats the past couple of weeks and that is a pity.

But before you democrats, especially those afflicted with Bush-Derangement-Syndrome start your celbebrating early, consider some facts:

1. Before the illegal immigration issue, most republicans agreed on 95% of all the major issues.
Sure, there are some who are disgusted with federal spending, however we never strayed from our belief that President Bush is a great president. Beware, we have not gone so far afield to thinking that democrats will be better. Be warned that we are not that removed from the second largest train wreck called the Clinton Presidency (The largest, of course, being the Jimmy Carter era). Simply because we are angry does not mean we are going to allow democrats to take over the congress. Ask any person on the street who knows anything at all about politics, when asked which party is weak on immigration, and they will tell you, without hesitation, it is the democrat party.

2. Republicans still are aware there is still a war on, and so does most of the American Public.
Ask the same person on the street which party is strong on the War on Terror and he or she will always say the Republicans.

3. Thanks to the Mc-Cain-Fiengold election reform bill (Which most Republicans apposed), the rules now favor the incumbents. The numbers are against the democrats. That is poetic justice.

We may, as Republicans, disagree on many issues, we have not forgotten who the democrat party is and what they stand for. Premature celebration may be something you will live to regret on November 8, 2006

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