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Haditha: The story IS a HOAX. You heard it here first!! Latest update 20 June 06

Still don't think this is a hoax?

From the Link Below:

Los Angeles Times article here

The General charged with investigating whether Marines tried to cover up the killing of 24 civilians in Haditha has completed his report. The Investigating General, Maj. General Eldon Bargewell, concluded that there was no known coverup by Supervising Officers.

Brick one of the incindiary report in Time and Newsweek has been removed from the foundation of the story. More bricks have been loosened already by the great work of those linked to in the origonal story below.

Rep John Murtha (D) Pennsylvania has accused the Officers in a cover-up.

Lawmaker alleges a Marine coverup in killing of Iraqis - The Boston Globe

The traitorous Congressman Murtha, an Ex-Marine, also accused the Marines involved of Murder when he made the following statement:

They "shot the civilians, including six children, in cold blood "

Additionally, the insipid Congressman from Massachussets, Marty Maheen said:

there is "little doubt the (events) will probably be murder"

I demand an apology from John Murtha, and "Mahty" Meehan and nothing less. Their statement has already tarnished the Officers in charge of the Marines, and they were relieve from duty. Statements made before an investigation is complete shows complete disregard for the honorable Marines and for the constitution of the United States, which requires a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

My origonal article below:

Headline get your attention? The following links are provided. All three posts on these sites provide excellent information about the "so called" Haditha massacre that supposedly occurred in November, 2005. Their information is well thought out and appears to be accurate. Each of the authors on these sites point to the fact that the whole thing may be a hoax cooked up by the Major News Media. Each of you should visit these sites and then return. I have an announcement to make!!

The American Thinker

Sweetness & Light

lgf: Is the Haditha Story Falling Apart?

These fine authors stopped one step short of announcing that is a hoax.

I am going to go out on a limb and announce, that in my opinion, that the story is IN FACT a hoax, or, at the very least a very inaccurate portrayal of events which occurred on that day of November 20, 2005 in the terrorist hangout called Haditha, Iraq.

After reviewing all the information contained on the above sites, I can come to no other conclusion. What is my conclusion based on, you ask?

I am a retired USAF First Sergeant. I have been around American GI's for 20 years. There is one thing I can tell you without any reservation. There are no group of people more incapable of keeping their mouths shut for six months or more about an incident of this import. This would have happened in either a bar, a coffee shop, a barracks bull session, or even a visit to a Military Chaplain or Counselor. Unlike civilian clergy, military chaplains and lawyers are not bound by the code of secrecy, or at least, not to the degree their civilian counterparts are. They would be duty bound to report that a serious incident took place while keeping to their vow not to name names. This would have been reported to upper echelons quickly.

Or at least one and probably all of the marines would have been honor bound to report an incident of this magnitude to the First Sergeant, since those accused are enlisted, or to the Commanding Officer. That did not happen. Therefore, I can draw no other conclusion.

I am not accusing the author of the story published in Time Magazine or any other of the Mainstream Liberal Media of lying, but I will opine that they are the willing victim of a vicious campaign to harm our forces in Iraq. When this story proves to be false, or at least wildly exaggerated, they will be found to have jumped to a conclusion they wanted without sufficient fact checking.

Any of those reporters could have turned the information they had over to the nearest military authority and asked them to investigate the incident. As far as I know, none of them did this.

If I am right, this will be the most egregious act that the news media has perpetrated on the American Public in a very long time and will do tremendous harm to the major news media of this country.

I am betting I am correct and this will turn out to be a disastrous hoax.

Update: 06/19/06:

My good friend Herschel Smith over at Captian's Quarters has done an excellent job of keeping this subject alive and well. We disagree slightly over what will happen to these Marires. It is a good read and well worth your time. Lots of links.
The Captain’s Journal

Also, additional discrepancies about the Time reporter story has been published at "Sweetness and light". They deserve great praise for keeping the heat on the Time reporter and the whole story.

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