Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Geneva Convention be Damned. U.S cannot let the brutal death of two of our brave soldiers be forgotten

Damn the Geneva Convention. Damn the ACLU. Damn the United Nations. Damn the International Red Cross. Damn Amnesty International. Damn the American Major News Media. Damn policical correctness.

Once, again, we were reminded that the people we are fighting in Iraq are animals who abide by no civilized rules of warfare. While we are coddling the prisoners we have taken at Gitmo, and I have no doubt, elsewhere, the vermin who captured our two soldiers brutally torture ours.

I do not care at all what the people in the organization I damned at the start of this article say. I do not care how loud or often they complain about our handling of prisoners. We are fighting an enemy who does not care how they treat our prisoners. It is time the U.S. and Coalition forces take the kid gloves off.

Since our enemies have announced loud and clear that they have no intention of abiding by the Geneva Convention, we have no requirement to. Our enemies are not signees to the convention.
The U.S. has no obligation to treat our prisoners of war any better than they treat ours.

It is time to take the kinds of action we took in WWII. Wipe out major towns and villages that harbor these animals.

Oh, all the above damned organizations will wring their hands and complain about our military.
Let them. Who cares. The mission we are trying to accomplish in Iraq is important enough to indure these silly complaints. Our best ally in the world right now is probably Japan. President Truman had to make a horrible decision to unleash the power of this country to end that war, and he did it, thereby saving thousands, maybe millions of lives, both American and Japanese by doing so. Collateral damage is part of warfare and this is war, not a police action.

Our brave serviceman can defeat any enemy when the gloves are off. By doing so, we will save the lives of our servicemen and Iraqi's. Iraqi citizens are being slaughtered daily by these animals and this will continue until the enemy is wiped out. Taking action now that will cause the "damned" people to hyperventilate, but will save more lives in the longrun. Political Correctness is not respected by our enemy, indeed, it is scorned.

We must be bold. We must be determined. We must realease the dogs of war and damn the rest of the world if they do not like it.

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