Thursday, June 29, 2006


Today's stunningly bad decision today to award "Geneva Convention" rights to the Terrorists at Gitmo sent a message to the Terrorists. That message is: WE ARE NOT ARE NOT PREPARED TO FIGHT THE GLOBAL WAR ON TERROR.

We are facing a brutal enemy who is not afraid to bomb women and children, cut off heads live on the internet,and destroy the very tenant of their supposedly revered religion. We in the United States and our Allies are not prepared to fight this war on their terms. In fact, all I have heard all day is how "We are better than that". Bullcrap!!!

We were not "better than that" when we dropped two atom bombs on Japan (that is not easy for me to say since the mother of my only grandchild is Japanese, and I love them both dearly). We faced a brutal enemy who was prepared to die to the last man and we did what had to be done to save millions of lives on both sides. We as a country recognized that fact and the President of the United States understood that when you fighting a brutal and determined enemy, you have to be willing to fight on his level.

We were not "better than that" when we, along with the British, firebombed Dresden.
For those of you who do not understand the term fire bomb, it quite simply can be defined as dropping enough bombs to light a fire so terrible that it sucks the air away and kills everyone in the area. The American Public understood the enemy and were willing for our leaders to take whatever action was necessary to bring Germany to it's knees.

Not so with the Global War on Terror. While our enemy are mutilating the bodies of our captured soldiers, our Supreme Court, aided by the ACLU, wrings their hands over whether we are mistreating the captured Terrorists by feeding them lemon chicken.

Our Marines are being arrested and charged with crimes for basically doing their duty. We cannot take the fight to the enemy until we understand how brutal the enemy is and decide that we are going to be just as brutal. We are going to have to adopt the "take no prisoners and give no quarter" attitude if we are going to come out of this War victorious. I have not seen anything yet from the leaders in our country which assures me that we are willing to do anything, pay any price for victory.

This is truly a clash of civilizations. When an enemy tells us he is going to kill us and our allies and even his own countrymen (Iraqi's) indiscriminantly and brutally, we need to understand that he means it and destroy them before he destroys us.

We must take the gloves off and start fighting our enemy in a serious manner and make him fear us so badly that he will lay down his arms and go back to his dirt hut, anything less is inviting another disaster like 9/11.

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