Thursday, July 06, 2006


The fans of the United Nations (Liberals of all stripes) keep telling us how important the UN is to world peace and wring their hands when any petty dictator decides he wants to thumb his nose at the world. Most recently, Kim Jong Il, the petty dictator of North Korea launched 7 missiles in the general direction of the Sea of Japan. The UN is all atwitter. They are already threatening to have a meeting which would require a commission to decide whether to have another meeting which would require a special study to decide whether to have another meeting to vote for a draft letter to have another meeting whether or not to issue a statment about this issue.

Oh, how the willing dupes of world peace will fawn over the great diplomatic efforts of the UN in the coming weeks, while all the time, North Korea will launch still more missiles in the general direction of the Sea of Japan. Let's all get together and sing Cumbaya!!.

The North Koreans are is shooting arrows (missiles) into the air and it will come down they know not where.There is just a chance that one of the missiles will land on South Korea or Japan.

If this happens, the treaty signed by all sane powers of the Pacific Rim, SEATO, will require military reprisal against North Korea.

While the western powers are busy turning North Korea into a vast wasteland, the UN will wring it's hands, the hollywood peaceniks will all hold hands and sing "We are the world" and will denounce those meanies of the Western World, specifically the United States.

Isn't diplomacy wonderful. Ok, now, let us all sing another verse of Cumbaya.

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