Saturday, July 15, 2006


How does one kill something that was never alive to start with?

This must be the joke of the day. The Middle East has not seen peace since Abraham sired a baby on his slave, Hagar, and begot Ishmael. This was after God had told Abraham that he would allow Sarah to have a child and Isaac was later born of Abraham and Sarah. That is where the trouble started and has been going on ever since. God told Abraham he would make a great nation from both Ishmael and Isaac, and he was true to this word. Ismael fathered the Arabs and Isaac fathered the Jews, and they have been fighting battles over this most worthless of all areas on the earth for well over two thousand years.

While I am not a theologian, I am convinced that God has a sense of humor. He spread the Jews over the world and made them the most prosperous of peoples, while he left the Arabs to eke out a living in this almost inhabitable region. All was well until oil was discovered on this worthless outpost of poverty and ignorance. God, I think, sat back and said to himself, this is going to be interesting. So what has emerged in this region is a race of people who are ignorant of the rest of the world, but hold the keys to prosperity in the world. Naturally, this has caused even more tension than normal in this part of the world. Adding to that mix, the Jews decided they would take back the land for which God had set aside for them. It has proved to be a volatile mix.

This was a mostly regional conflict and mostly confined to that part of the world. Adding to the already volatile mix, the audacity of President Bush, who decided that the Middle East needed at least two more democracies, Afghanistan and Iraq. This has caused a huge backlash by the Arab countries who have no stake in democracy. Up jumped Iran, who does not want a country friendly to the Great Satan (U.S.) next door to them. It makes them very nervous. Because they are a nervous nation, the have decided to stir up trouble not only in Iraq, but also between Israel and the Refugees occupying the land adjactent to them. Israel has taken umbridge to Iran's (with the help of Syria) meddling in their affairs.

Israel is doing the work that the West should be doing and will, somewhat reluctantly, have to eventually do.

Make no mistake, this is the "end of the beginning" of WWIII, to borrow a phrase from Winston Churchill who said this after the disaster at Dunkirk in 1940.

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