Monday, July 31, 2006


Hezballah knows exactly how to use the liberal news media. I am linking to an article which clearly explains their tactics to get attention from the media. They will stop at nothing, including killing their own allies women and children. link to article

It appears that the Western World is again succumbing to the killing of "so called" innocents and clammering for another cease fire, which will only lead to rearming of the terrorists and another trip back to the same place in a few months.

The only solution is for all Americans to turn off the TV's and get information from blog pages only.


Commenter Daniel on Polipundit has these words to say. He is dead on:

The liberal drive-by media, in their most anti-Semitic coverage since Joseph Gobbels, has ignored the fact that the rocket attacks are continuing even while these nuckleheads are demanding a one sided Israeli cease fire. All of the Sunday morning outlets from Deface the Nation to Meet the Depressed continue to serve as a mouthpiece for Hizbollah by disseminating their murderous propaganda. They refuse to mention the fact that Hizbollah is setting up roadblocks to prevent the migration of civilians away from the war zone. They decline to report that the Lebanese government are accomplices to the murder by not helping their citizens leave and assist Israel’s disarming of Hizbollah. In fact, as we have been reporting, the Lebanese PM has even praised Hizbollah and offered military assistance. Even today, while the verminous media was praising the Lebanese government, the Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Sniora thanked Hizbullah Sunday for its “sacrifices” in its war against Israel. “We thank the chairman of Hizbullah for his efforts,” he said, referring to Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah. “I want to thank all those who sacrificed their lives for our independence and sovereignty in Lebanon.”

Tim Russert even showed a map of Israeli airstikes throughout Lebanon (published by no other than the Lebanese government) and blamed Israel for attacking the north. He failed to inform his audience that after 25 years of Hizbollah occupation they are obviously spread out all over every inch of that country. I guess this is too much for a liberal Jew hater to understand.

Most of all, these sewer rats fail to mention that their reporting of these events are the very reason why the terrorists use civilians as human shields. They know that the liberals will broadcast their cause around the world and stir up hatred for Israel and Jews. Thus, the liberal media is the root cause for civilian deaths both in Israel and Lebanon. Without their presence in Lebanon, Hizbollah would have no purpose of blocking civilians from leaving.

One last thought from the Sunday talk shows. Thomas Freedmen was on with Tim Russert today to trash Israel for “continuing” the war, eventhough it is the terrorists who are continuing the war with their rockets. I will not even attempt with the adjectives to describe Freedman because he is the lowest creature on earth. This terrorists loving, American hating, Jewish traitor was put on the screen unopposed to serve as a spokesperson for the “Jewish community” to side with the enemy. This is a typical tactic of the liberal, anti Semitic media. They will never have on right wing Jews like Mort Klein or Charles Krauthammer. They won’t even have on the liberal Alan Dershowitz because he is no longer siding with the enemy. He used to be the hero of the liberal media as long as he was trashing Jews. Now that he has repented slightly, he has been completely thrown off the plantation and never receives an invitation for a talk show.

In regard to the attacks on Jewish sites:

Its sickening how the liberal vermin media is being used as a lying mouthpiece for the scum of the earth terrorists to stir up anti semitism throughout the world. I have no doubt that the attack on the Jewish Federation in Seattle was stirred up by the vicious lies of the liberal media that drove this Islamonazi to attack a crowd of all women. Where else did this terrorist get his news from that outraged him so much?

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