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NOV 10,2010 (RP News Service)


Innability to win elections as any level in the last 10 years, the once great Democrat Party is no more. After losing 25 seats in the House and 6 Senate seats which followed after a crushing presidential defeat in 2008, the Party Spokeswoman, Cindy Sheehan, crying big tears and blaming the Republican Party for killing her party announced this morning that the Democrat Party is broke. The Party has closed all offices and have declared bankruptcy. There is no word yet what political name the 35 Democrat Congressmen and 13 Senators who still call themselves Democrats will now refer to themselves.

A crack investigator on the staff of RP News Service has delved into the demise and state of the now Defunct Democrat Party and has offered this analysis of the slow, painful death of the Party.

The last presidential election the Democrats won without outside help or skullduggery by the party was in 1948. In 1960, the most popular rock star of poliitical history, John F. Kennedy Became the President in 1961. A study of this victory has clearly revealed that without the vote of several thousand dead voters in Chicago, Richard Nixon would have won enough electoral votes to take the presidential elections. A thorough study of history reveals that that was the height of the Democrat Party and the slide to oblivion had started.

I the mid 1960's, the Democrat Party became the Party of the left anti-war and lost to pro-war candidate, Richard Nixon, by a large majority. This angered the party so much that they turned to a total Anti-war candidate, George McGovern, which resulted in a landslide defeat. This was the first of many bad decisions that the party made.

The Party was near death at this point, however, Richard Nixon's missteps and corruption allowed for the election of the worst president in American history, Jimmy Carter, A Democrat. This was the second time that the Democrats had won an undeserved presidency after 1948, once by voter fraud, and now because of the actions of a sitting American President, a Republican.

Then, in 1992 , after twelve years of Republican presidency, with the Democrat party barely holding on to their majority in Congress by the toenails and have absolutely no chance for a Presidential victory, fate once again stepped in to save the party. Ross Perot, who hated President George H.W. Bush more than he loved the country, spent some three million dollars to run as an independent and cause President Bush the first,a Republican, to lose to the second worst president in history, William Jefferson (Bill) Clinton, a Democrat.

Let's review history of the Democratic party at this point. They had won three undeserved presidential elections since 1948, one by voter cheating, one by default, and won by meddling in the presidential election in 1992 by Ross Perot. They still held a majority in the Congress. This was about to change, big time.

In 1994, the American Public, who had been slowly moving to the right 1964, swept all apposed incumbent democrat congressmen out of office. At the same time the Senate was taken over by the Republicans. This was the death knell of the Democrat Party, even though, they hung on for 18 more years as a somewhat viable party.

President Bush, a Republica, won the Presidential Election in 2000, after a dirty fight with the Florida Supreme Court forced the SCOTUS to stop the Democrat machine from trying to steal the Electoral Majority from President Bush. This left a real bad taste for the Democrats for the majority of Americans, but caused the rabid Democrat partisans, who would later be called "Moonbats" to eat through their own forehead and perform a lemming like jump off the political cliff.

In 2006, the Democrats squandered an opportunity to win back at least the House by allowing the Netroots radicals, such as Move-on.0rg and KOS to take over the party. These Nutroots forgot what had happened in 1972 to the Anti-war Party, were convinced that their current Anti-War position would win the majority back in both House of congress by voting against any member of Congress who supported the Iraq war, pushed Joseph Lieberman aside and defeated him in the Democrat Primary. Mr. Lieberman, then ran as an Independent and won the Senate seat in connecticut. Mr. Lieberman was so incenssed by his treatment of fellow Democrats and said, in his acceptance speech: "The Demcrat Party can go to hell and I am caucasing with the Republicans. This so enraged the Anti-war Netroots to elect Cindy Sheehan as the Party Chairman. It has since been revealed that Ms. Sheehan was and had been mentally ill for some time. Of Course, the Democrats lost the Congressional Elections in 2006 and then Hilliary Clinton, a Democrat, lost the Presidential Election in 2008 by a huge margin, being the only time in Presidential Election history that a candidate did not win a single state.

So, today, Ms. Sheehan, wearing a straightjacket and surrounded by nurses, tearfully bid goodby to both her party and her sanity.

It is over for the Democrat Party. It had been barely living since 1952. The party did not even die with their boots on. May the Party of Peacniks RIP!!!

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