Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This weekend marked two long awaited seasons: College Football and Elections.

A great opening of the College Football season, My beloved Tennessee Vols trounced the a top ten team, the Cal Bears with ease, Texas, Ohio State won handily over admittedly mismatched apponents, Notre Dame barely one, Southern Cal picked up where it left off, and finally Florida state one the Slugfest (Thugfest) against Miami. What a great start of the season.

Time now to turn to the election season. Democrats have for months tried to tell everyone that they are going to win back both houses of Congress. Ha. They have as much chance as Northern Illinois did of beating Ohio State or North Texas did of beating Texas.

After many months of saying that the country is going in the wrong direction, fatigue with the Iraq War, and crying that the best economy since Reagan is terrible, the Democrats wake up this morning to a horrible fact. While the country may be tired of the Iraq War, they are already asking what the democrats are going to do better than the Republicans have, and are already tired of the Democrats answer, which is: We Hate George W. Bush. Ask any question to any Democrat party official running for election or re-election and you get the same answer: We hate George W. Bush.

This is no way to win an election, especially, since most Americans don't hate George W. Bush.

While I predict that the Tennessee Vols, Texas Longhorns, Ohio State Buckeyes and Southern Cal Trojans will have a teriffic season, the Democrats will not. They may be the most overrated party in the history of the United States.

Check back in the middle of November and see if my progostications are correct.

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